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pharmacogenetics testing

The Pillcheck Difference

Choosing the Right PGx Test

As pharmacogenetics testing becomes more widely available, it is important to understand that not all tests are the same. Different testing companies provide different recommendations with regards to applying information from PGx tests into clinical practice. It is important to understand what you are getting when you buy a PGx test. At Pillcheck we provide more than a PGx test – we accompany test results with easy-to-understand and actionable information.


The Pillcheck Difference

Pillcheck strives to help patients and providers navigate the entire PGx testing process. Our streamlined approach is evidence-based and designed to provide actionable interpretation. PGx reports are complimented with easy to understand personalized recommendations from an expert pharmacist. Our team of specially trained pharmacists are dedicated to help both patients and providers thoroughly understand what the information from a PGx report can do for each individual based on their genetic profile, medical history and medication regimen. This differs from the standard approach to PGx testing offered by other companies who simply provide test results. We recognize that a PGx test is one element that providers consider when making treatment decisions. It is critical that results of a PGx test are looked at within the context of each individual patient and their unique circumstances. The beauty in the Pharmacist Opinion Letter lies in the fact that the recommendations they provide take this external information into account. Our pharmacists read patient and provider notes about adverse reactions to medications, prior experience with changing doses and any other concerns in order to provide evidence-based recommendations rooted in all relevant factors in addition to PGx test results. This culminates in a holistic and patient-centered approach.


Patient-Centered Model

We believe in empowering all patients to be active and involved in their healthcare decisions. Our patients are the sole owners of their results and control access to their PGx reports. This enables patients to include their PGx reports as part of their electronic health records that accompany them to future medical appointments with various specialists and providers.

Pillcheck prides itself on being a highly sensitive test for an ethnically diverse patient population. Many testing companies limit their scope to common genetic variants. We include a wider array of common genetic variants to account for the drug-metabolizing gene variants present in different ethnic groups. This ensures that all individuals benefit from their PGx test.


Support After Testing

Our goal is not to provide results of a test – it is to foster a genuine understanding of how the results of your test can best help inform prescribing decisions. We offer un-matched decision support tools to ensure patients and healthcare professionals get the most value from the Pillcheck test. We include a letter written by a specially-trained pharmacist who is familiar with both the genetics and medical history of the patient. In addition, patients and providers have the opportunity to speak with the pharmacist via email or over the phone to address questions and ensure results are understandable. We are determined to equip you with the knowledge to implement PGx reports into clinical practice in a comfortable and supported manner.


Clinical Utility

PGx test results are only valuable if they can be used to make more precise treatment decisions. At Pillcheck we take concrete steps to maximize clinical utility:

  1. Personalized Medication Review
  2. Actionable Interpretation and Expert Recommendations
  3. Updated PGx Reports

Click here to see a sample Pillcheck Report and Pharmacist Opinion Letter.


Lifetime Value

One test – lifetime benefits.

We want patients to benefit from their PGx test many years after it is taken. Pillcheck test results can be used in the future because your genes stay the same as you age. Even if a PGx report is not clinically useful at the time of testing, the information it contains can become critical at a later date. We update PGx reports overtime as new information becomes available and notify our patients of updates so they can stay informed. As drugs continue to be developed, we want your PGx report to increase in value. To ensure this, we designed a secure information storing platform in which patient test results are held in their personal account. Patients have complete and lasting control over access to their results. This enables patients to choose when and who to share their results with as their circle of care evolves overtime.


Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium

Table of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers in Drug Labeling

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