personal genetics

Genetic susceptibility to smoking

Decision to Smoke The future look into potential genetic treatment to quit smoking and some interesting HR policies Smokers have been broadly criticized for polluting the air around them with second hand smoke and now seeds of discussion are being planted around the implications of hiring smokers. But where does one’s desire to smoke come 

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Are you Tylenol or Advil person? Alleviating pain through genetics

Chronic pain is not only debilitating and horrible consequence of chronic diseases, trauma, but is also inevitable consequence of medical treatments. Chronic pain is refractory to most of the treatments, but we believe that genetics of pain and pharmacogenetics can substantially improve pain management. In many cases chronic pain arises due to neural trauma during 

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Is lean steak healthy?

Is lean steak – high in protein, low in fat & cholesterol – heart healthy? The answer surprising … Intuition would elude one to believe lean steak to be a healthier red meat option especially when it comes to maintaining top notch cardiac functions. With specs of high protein, low fat and low cholesterol, how 

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Data and Healthcare

Companies all over the world leverage big data to assess the health of their organization and measure the impact of tools or technologies they use to deliver the products or services. From a business stand point effective interpretation of these metrics saves time and money devoted to seeking the most suitable investment options. Similarly from 

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drug monograph

What is missing in your prescription?

Did you fill a prescription recently? If you did, you certainly received a 3-4 page printout called a drug monograph. This is a legal document that designed to explain: the possible harms that could be caused by the drug (dizziness, nausea, etc.) how it should be taken (i.e. take three times a day with food), 

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genome sequencing

Should I pay or should I go? Or what do we really know about mutations and disease liability?

Current genome sequencing technologies already allow for cost effective and comprehensive disease prediction. However, for the average consumer, does it really make sense to pay $5,000 for a whole genome analysis at this time? And what can they gain from an analysis of this sort? After all, genome sequencing will identify three to five million 

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