Fluoxetine Syndrome Blog

Wondering why you cannot tolerate antidepressants? SSRIs can cause Serotonin Syndrome

Many people diagnosed with depression cannot tolerate antidepressants even at low doses. Sometimes medications have the potential to do more harm than good – if your body cannot tolerate them. To treat the symptoms of depression, patients often try different medications to no avail; nothing seems to work. In the worst-case scenario, a serious adverse 

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Marijuana Addiction & Your Genes

In this current age of marijuana decriminalization, both in Canada and the United States, you often hear conflicting claims purporting the addictiveness – or lack thereof – of marijuana. In our contemporary era of hyper-polarized debates, where do you go for reliable information? The answer – your genetic makeup of course! Three genetic variants linked 

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Genetics of the vegetarian diet FADS

As humans continue to evolve on Earth, so will our impact on the Earth’s resources. One example of such evolution was recently highlighted in a study which reports a novel genetic component associated with vegetarian diet choices. Basically, the genetics of a specific food processing pathway in vegetarians seems to have evolved to accommodate for 

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