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Pillcheck helps you prepare for the future so you can take control of your health.

Pillcheck can help minimize side effects and help your doctor ensure the best treatment plan for you.

Pillcheck has helped many people in your situation.

Heart Health

Even if you’re taking medications for your heart condition, you could still be at risk of another cardiac issue without even knowing it.

Many people take medication to manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood thinners together, increasing the likelihood that one drug isn’t working as intended.

And almost 20% of people taking cholesterol lowering drugs experience major side effects because of a mis-match between their genetics and the medication.

Taking the right drugs reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke, and avoidable side effects like muscle pain and bleeding.

Find out if your prescriptions are the right ones for you with Pillcheck’s DNA analysis. The results will inform your doctor to prescribe the right drugs based on your unique genetic make-up.

My patient had a heart attack [and] was fatigued and depressed and literally unable to get out of bed so I had him complete the Pillcheck test. His cardiologist immediately switched him to another class of heart drug and his symptoms improved completely within a month!

Dr. Anna Sylwestrowicz, Victoria BC

Mental Health

Mental health drugs not working for you or a loved one? You’re not alone:

  • 70% of people don’t get relief from the first depression or anxiety medication they try
  • 60% of people try three drugs before finding the right one

Half of the time, it’s due to a mis-match between genetics and your medication.

Pillcheck’s DNA drug response test helps you and your doctor find the right mental health medications for you. The test covers the most commonly prescribed mental health drugs, over 50 of them including those for depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Pillcheck is the only pharmacogenetics provider to have proven through clinical study – that our service helps people with depression and anxiety Feel Better Sooner.

I think it is absolutely the wave of the future. I think it makes sense if you can have that information available to tailor medications to what will work for people.

Family Physician

Pain Management

Pain killers are highly effective at blunting severe pain, however prolonged use can create dependence. Excessive use can cause overdose. Even the most commonly used drugs like Ibuprofen, Codeine, and Opioids don’t provide adequate pain relief to some people. People who aren’t able to manage their pain properly after surgery are more likely to develop chronic pain.

Pillcheck’s DNA drug response test helps you and your doctor make safer decisions when choosing medications. Feel better, sooner and avoid side effects with the peace of mind you’re on the right medications, especially if you're taking them long term. Your personalized report covers most common pain killers. You can use your results before surgery as well to determine the most effective treatment during your recovery.

Percentage of people who do not achieve adequate pain relief on these medications

Celecoxib (Celebrex)
Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Oxyneo)
Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)
Tramadol (Tramdex)
Acetaminophen & Codeine (Tylenol 3)

Digestive System

Digestive system drugs not working for you? Up to one in four people get no relief from the most common acid reflux and digestive system drugs and many are at risk of serious side effects like infection and fractures. Sometimes it’s because of a mis-match between your genetics and the drug you’re taking.

Pillcheck’s DNA drug response test helps you and your doctor find the right drugs for you. You can feel better, sooner and avoid side effects while improving the safety of your treatment long term. The test covers the most commonly prescribed drugs for acid reflux, stomach ulcer, IBD, and other issues.

Nausea Management

Nausea can affect women during pregnancy or accompany chronic conditions including depression, heart disease, and cancer. It can be challenging to find the right anti-nausea drug depending on your condition and unique genetic profile, which affects the way you respond to these medications.

Pillcheck’s DNA drug response test can help you and your doctor to select safe and effective nausea medication for you based on your genetics and condition. You feel better, sooner with the peace of mind you’re on the right medication.

Multiple Medications

With every additional medication you take, your risk of side effects and the treatment not working increases.

In an independent study, Pillcheck DNA analysis recommended adjustments to 78% of prescriptions for those taking 3 or more medications at once – either switching to an alternate drug, adjusting the dosage, or discontinuing a drug altogether.

Switch Drug
Increase Monitoring
Adjust Dosage
Discontinue Drug

Pillcheck can assist your doctor to understand how your body processes different medications based on your unique genetic make-up.

  • Your personalized results are reviewed by a specially trained pharmacist who delivers an action plan to help reduce side effects and harmful drug interactions.
  • Use your results for any new medications you’re prescribed to help you and your doctor find the right drug the first time.

Why Pillcheck?

The most common challenge with prescription drugs is unwelcome side effects. And sometimes, they are simply not effective for the individual. Pillcheck is a fast, easy DNA test that helps identify the right medication at the right dosage from a broad spectrum of drugs. Share your results with your doctor, who can help you get on the right medications, so you feel better, sooner.

78% of prescriptions were changed with insights from Pillcheck test results!

Rated 4.6/5 stars on dnatestingchoice.com

Pillcheck stopped years of suffering from anxiety and depression with a DNA drug response test

Here is what you get with Pillcheck

  • A personalized report that predicts drug response to all medications covered by the test.
  • Your results reviewed by a specially trained pharmacist from a national network of pharmacogenetic practitioners.
  • Results for a lifetime. Since your DNA doesn't change, your Pillcheck is valid for life and we update your report for new medications as guidelines expand.

Check your own prescriptions here

We analyze your DNA against all of the most commonly prescribed medications.

Is your medication included in Pillcheck?

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Pillcheck Protects Your Privacy

Pillcheck promises to keep your personal and genetic information confidential. Here’s what we do:

  • Destroy your genetic sample after your report is complete
  • Ensure your genetic data is not linked to your personal information in our system
  • Allow you to decide who you share your results with
  • Follow Canadian, U.S., and international health information privacy and security guidelines







How Much Does Pillcheck Cost?

simple steps to a lifetime of the right medications

Order online

A DNA sample collection kit is sent to you.


Submit sample

Swab saliva from your cheek and send it back in the pre-paid envelope.


Access results

Your confidential results will be available online 1-2 weeks from when we receive your sample.


Share results

Take your results to your doctor to adjust your medications.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.

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What should I do with my Pillcheck results?

You should share your Pillcheck results with your doctor to consider when making treatment decisions to help you get on medication that is most likely to be safe and effective based on your DNA.

Some doctors may be unfamiliar with Pharmacogenetics or have questions about our service. If your doctor has questions, here's a
helpful information sheet you can pass along (a printed copy is included in the sample kit). They can also contact Pillcheck directly by phone at 1-877-409-3629 Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM EST or by email at service@pillcheck.ca.

How does Pillcheck ensure that my personal information is kept private?

Individuals have full ownership and control over their Pillcheck test results. Personal data is not shared without prior authorization as described in the Informed Consent Form. Only the individual can decide who has access to the report and can revoke access at any time or request deletion of the information by submitting a request in writing at service@pillcheck.ca.

Privacy of genetic and personal data is protected by the Bill S201 (an Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Pillcheck service is fully compliant with these Acts. Except as expressly set forth in the participant’s Informed Consent, results are not shared with any third party, including insurance company and employer.

For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Consent Form.

What genes do you test? Does the Pillcheck test work well for different people, regardless of gender and ethnicity?

Pillcheck uses genetic markers optimized for enhanced sensitivity for accurate results in ethnically diverse populations, regardless of gender.

We test for genetic variations in the liver enzymes CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP2B6, CYP2D6, CYP2C8, CYP1A2, CYP3A4, CYP3A5 and other enzymes affecting drug metabolism, transport or response, including ABCG2, NAT2, G6PD, UGT1A1, UGT2B15, TPMT, NUDT15, DPYD, ADRB2, OPRM1, SLCO1B1, F2, F5, and VKORC1.

Does Pillcheck test for any medical conditions?

Pillcheck analyzes only the specific genes involved in drug metabolism and does not assess your risk for disease.

Can Pillcheck tell if I am allergic to a medication?

Pharmacogenetic testing, like Pillcheck, can predict your response and risk of side effects based on your drug metabolism. It can help rule out metabolism issues, but it is not an allergy test and does not assess immune response. This blog provides more information on the difference between drug allergy and drug intolerance. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you suspect you may have a drug allergy.

Will it impact an individual’s insurance coverage?

Health benefits and insurance companies may cover the cost of the Pillcheck service as an optional benefit. Pillcheck results do not impact coverage decisions.

Pillcheck does NOT assess any genes related to disease risk or disease diagnostics and does not affect patients’ insurance. Only specific, well-identified DNA variations related to drug response are analyzed by Pillcheck. Once the test is complete, any remaining DNA is destroyed after 30 days.

For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Consent Form.

What happens to my sample?

Only specific, well-identified DNA variations related to drug response are analyzed by the lab. This is analyzed, and the results are used to generate a personalized report listing your body’s predicted response to all Pillcheck-covered medications. Once the test is complete, any remaining DNA is destroyed after 30 days.

Get on the right medications.

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