Supporting equity in health care

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential in medical care. At Pillcheck, we seek to embrace a whole-person health perspective for everyone. Our focus is ensuring that advances in knowledge result in improved safety, therapeutic efficacy, and access to care for all interested in improving their health with genetic insights.

Just as genetics can affect your eye colour, genetics can also affect how you respond to medications. Pharmacogenetic (PGx) profiles vary among different populations, which can significantly affect the effectiveness and safety of medications for each individual.

  1. Pillcheck’s clinical support tools assist health care providers in individualizing treatment strategies based on information from the individual – their perceived experience with treatments and insights from their genetic analysis.
  2. Rather than basing treatment choices on race, we promote routine pre-emptive genotyping and more diverse PGx panels, where available.
  3. Pillcheck results and pharmacist recommendations are based on each person as a unique individual.
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