Guide to your Pillcheck

Welcome to your Pillcheck pharmacogenetic test results! They show how your DNA affects your response to many prescription medications. Your results can help determine safer, more effective medications and dosages to fit your unique genetic profile. They can also provide peace of mind that medications you’re currently taking are the right ones for you.

Meaning of the symbols in your results

green check mark Normal drug metabolism and response. No additional dose adjustment needed.
yellow warning sign Altered drug metabolism. Can affect clinical response, may require dose adjustment or increased monitoring.
red warning sign Substantially altered drug metabolism. Requires physicians to adjust dose or consider alternative medications.
Uncertain activity requires caution in drug use. A rare or indeterminate combination of genetic markers is present.


What to do with your Pillcheck Results

  • Share your results with your doctor using the “Share” tab in your Pillcheck account. You can also bring a copy of your Pharmacist Opinion Letter to your doctor or pharmacist (either print or bring on a mobile device).
  • Discuss your Pillcheck results with your doctor to improve the efficacy and safety of your treatment plan.
  • Use your Pillcheck results whenever you are prescribed new medications. Since your genetic makeup doesn’t change, your results are good for your lifetime.
  • You or your healthcare provider can contact us at [email protected], 1-877-409-3629, or contact the pharmacist listed on your Pharmacist Opinion Letter if you have any questions about your Pillcheck. More information for healthcare providers can be found at

Other Notes

  • It’s possible that your report will indicate no issues with any of the medications you’re taking (for example, they’re all in the Green category), yet you may still feel you are having issues. There may be other factors involved in how you respond to medications (such as your diet, lifestyle, liver and kidney function, other medical conditions). Your doctor is the best person to discuss this with. Other genetic variations that are not yet identified may potentially affect your drug response.
  • Although Pillcheck is a comprehensive pharmacogenetic test, not all medications are listed on the report, even ones you may currently be taking. This is because not all drugs can be assessed by pharmacogenetics, or there is not enough clinical information yet to report on certain medications.
  • We’ll update your report as new information on medications become available. We’ll let you know by email when your report is updated.


DO NOT CHANGE ANY MEDICATIONS OR DOSAGE PRIOR TO CONSULTING YOUR PHYSICIAN OR PHARMACIST, WHO SHOULD DETERMINE AN APPROPRIATE DOSE. Please note that this report is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.



We’re here to help. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for you can reach us at [email protected].

Pillcheck’s customer care team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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