About Pillcheck

Pillcheck is a pharmacogenetic testing service that includes a review of prescriptions and clinical interpretation of results by a licensed pharmacist trained in pharmacogenetics. It identifies potential risks for individuals with significantly reduced or enhanced drug metabolism. We hope this enhanced information will help inform therapeutic decisions. Pillcheck helps doctors and patients minimize side effects and find an effective prescription sooner.

  • The Service includes a comprehensive pharmacogenetic test, performed by a certified clinical lab (ISO 15189, ISO 17025, COLA)
  • Recommendations follow evidence-based guidelines established by Health Canada, FDA, CPIC (Clinical Pharmacogenetic Implementation Consortium)
  • PIPEDA, HIPAA, Bill S-201 compliant, and SOC2 Type II certified
  • For more product information, see pillcheck.ca/providers.

Meaning of the symbols in the results

green check mark Normal drug metabolism and response. No additional dose adjustment needed.
yellow warning sign Altered drug metabolism. Can affect clinical response, may require dose adjustment or increased monitoring.
red warning sign Substantially altered drug metabolism. Requires physicians to adjust dose or consider alternative medications.
Uncertain activity requires caution in drug use. A rare or indeterminate combination of genetic markers is present.


How to use Pillcheck results

  1. Please review the Pharmacist Opinion Letter – it is based on patient-reported medication history in the context of predicted drug metabolism. Although Pillcheck is a comprehensive test, not all medications can be assessed by pharmacogenetics. Consider Pillcheck results for shared decision-making with your patient, including medications not covered in this report.
  2. Search medications in the Results section for detailed prescribing and dosing recommendations using the interactive tools — filter results by Therapeutic Area, Condition, Alert Type or Drug Class. Alternatively, refer to the PDF of the Pillcheck report.
  3. Download a PDF of the Pillcheck Report to keep in the patient’s medical record to refer to whenever new medications are considered for this patient.


  • Contact the pharmacist listed on the Pharmacist Opinion Letter if you have any questions about your patient’s Pillcheck results.
  • For any other questions or assistance, contact us at [email protected] or 1-877-409-3629.

Other Notes

  • It’s possible that your patient’s report will indicate no issues with a medication that is ineffective or poorly tolerated. Other factors may impact drug response, such as diet, liver and kidney function, and other medical conditions. The Green label indicates this test found no known pharmacogenetic contraindications. There may be other genetic variations potentially affecting drug response that are not yet identified.
  • This report will be updated when new pharmacogenetic information becomes available. We’ll notify the patient when the Pillcheck report is updated. To access this report after the access link expires, your patient will need to submit a new share request through their Pillcheck account.
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