How It works

Help your doctor optimize your medications.

Pillcheck tests your DNA’s compatibility with more than 140 commonly prescribed medications.

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1. Order your Pillcheck kit

Click here to place your order. If your employer has provided you with a special link, use that instead.

cheek swab

2. Submit your sample

Providing your sample is easy and painless – swab your cheeks and send it back. Provide your medication information in your Pillcheck account. We’ll take care of the rest.

Pillcheck report

3. Access your results

In 10-15 business days from submitting your sample, the Pillcheck report will be ready to access in your account. You will also be notified when the pharmacist’s letter is ready.

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4. Share your results with your healthcare practitioner

Provide the pharmacist’s letter and report to your healthcare practitioner.

Pillcheck is a permitted Health Spending Account claim and is also an eligible expense for income tax deduction.