We’re all different, we all respond to medications differently

Pillcheck is a medication response test that uncovers how effectively medications work with your body, to ensure effective mental health treatment, limiting potential side effects and helping you feel better, faster. Pillcheck covers a broad spectrum of medications and your results can be used now or later for any new prescriptions you need.

Find the right medication


If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges, you may try multiple medications before finding the right one. We’re all different, and we all respond to medication differently – in fact 95% of people have variations that determine how they’ll respond to drugs.

Feel better, faster


Pillcheck can empower you and your doctor with information on how your DNA affects your response to specific medications, so you can feel better, faster because you’re on the right dosage and the right drug for you. Your personalized test results are private and securely stored in a password-protected account – you decide who to share them with.


Mental Health Drugs

Pillcheck covers all the most commonly prescribed mental health drugs and almost 70% of all prescription drugs. Is my medication covered?

Correct drug dosage

Pillcheck helped over 50% of mental health patients get on the right medication or correct their drug dosage in a recent program

used by leading mental health management providers

Pillcheck is already being used by leading mental health management providers, clinics, and company benefit plans


Make sure you’re on the right mental health medication.

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Discover Precision – The Science behind Pillcheck

Some people may process certain medications too quickly, and some may process them too slowly, leading to side effects and ineffective treatment.

With a simple test Pillcheck determines this in advance, so you and your doctor can choose the right medication for you in the right dosage, minimizing side effects and improving treatments. In a recent program, Pillcheck led to a drug dosage change or medication switch for 50% of mental health patients.


Help your doctor optimize your medications.

Pillcheck tests your DNA’s compatibility with up to 179 commonly prescribed medications.

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1. Order your Pillcheck online

A sample collection kit, including a pre-paid return envelope, will be sent to your mailing address.

cheek swab

2. Submit your sample

Providing your sample is easy and painless – swab your cheeks and send it back. Provide your medication information in your Pillcheck account. We’ll take care of the rest.

Pillcheck report

3. Access your results

In 10-15 business days from submitting your sample, the Pillcheck report will be ready to access in your account. You will also be notified when the pharmacist’s letter is ready.

healthcare practitioner

4. Share your results with your healthcare practitioner

Provide the pharmacist’s letter and report to your healthcare practitioner.

Pillcheck is an eligible medical expense for income tax deduction and may be
reimbursed through your private insurance or company benefits plan.


Pillcheck medications

Finding the right medication for you in the right dosage so you feel better, faster

Correct medications

Peace of mind knowing that your current medication is correct for you

Improved treatment

Improved treatment with less chance of adverse side effects

Future medications

Good for now…good for later – use your results for any future medications you may need

Share results with doctor

Easily share your results with your doctors – other tests require the doctor to have special software to look at your results

Broad spectrum

Pillcheck covers a broad spectrum of medications – most other tests focus on one drug area





Have questions? We’re happy to help.

Q: What is Pillcheck?

A: Variations in your DNA determine the way you process medications—whether you will benefit from taking a medication, or if it may potentially cause negative side effects. Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is the study of inherited genetic makeup that affects your response to medications. Pillcheck identifies these variations to assess whether a medication is likely to be safe and effective and provides optimal dosage recommendations. The Pillcheck service includes the drug response test, a personalized report, and a pharmacist’s letter. Your report will list your body’s predicted response to all Pillcheck-covered medications and can be regularly updated as more medications are added to our list.

Q: How does the process work?

A: The test is easy and painless. The kit consists of a swab, which looks like an oversized Q-tip, that you rub against the inner surfaces of both cheeks to collect a sample of cheek cells. DNA taken from cheek cells is just as viable as DNA from a blood sample. You only need to ensure that you do not eat, drink or smoke for at least one hour before collecting the sample. When your report and letter are ready, you will be notified by email that you can download them from your Pillcheck account. You can share them with healthcare practitioners of your choice. Pillcheck then destroys your sample and your results are never shared with your employer or insurance company.

Q: Why should a specially trained pharmacist review my Pillcheck report?

A: To get the most out of Pillcheck, we include a review by a specially trained pharmacist, who will write a letter summarizing your results for your prescribing doctor. You may also share your report with a pharmacist of your choice.

Q: Should I continue my medications while waiting for my test results?

A: You should continue taking your medications as prescribed, unless your doctor suggests otherwise.

Q: Which medications does Pillcheck cover?

A: View a full list of covered medications here. Pillcheck covers more than 178 commonly prescribed medications in several treatment areas, including cardiac and gastrointestinal conditions, mental health, pain management and oncology. Genetic testing for medications treating these conditions is recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA), Health Canada, Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC), and Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group (DPWG).

Q: How do I know that information is kept private?

A: Individuals have full ownership and control over their Pillcheck test results. Personal data is not shared without prior authorization as described in the Informed Consent Form. Only the individual can decide who has access to the report and can revoke access at any time or request deletion of the information.

Privacy of genetic and personal data is protected by the Bill S201, HIPAA and PIPEDA regulations. Pillcheck service is fully compliant with these regulations. Except as expressly set forth in the patient’s Informed Consent, results will not be shared with any third party, including insurance company and employer.

For more details please refer to our Privacy Policy and Consent Form.

Q: Does Pillcheck test for any medical conditions? Will the results affect my insurance coverage?

A: Pillcheck analyzes only the specific genes involved in drug metabolism and does not assess your risk for disease. Your results are kept private and never shared with insurance companies. As well, you are protected by federal laws that prevent insurance companies from using your results to determine coverage or pricing.

Q: Will it impact an individual’s insurance coverage?

A: Health benefits and insurance companies may cover the cost of Pillcheck service as an optional benefit. Pillcheck results do not impact coverage decisions.

Pillcheck does NOT assess any genes related to disease risk or disease diagnostics and does not affect patients’ insurance. Only specific, well-identified DNA variations related to drug response are analyzed by Pillcheck. Once the test is complete, any remaining DNA is destroyed after 30 days.

For more details please refer to our Privacy Policy and Consent Form.

Q: How am I protected from discrimination based on the results of my genetic test?

A: Canada and other countries have laws that provide broad protection to individuals who undergo genetic testing. Under Canada's Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, employers and providers of goods and services (including insurance providers), cannot request or require that a person undergo a genetic test or request or require the disclosure of previous or future genetic test results.

Q: How much does Pillcheck cost?

A: The Pillcheck medication optimization service costs $499 (plus applicable taxes). Pillcheck is an eligible medical expense for income tax deduction and may be reimbursed through your private insurance or company benefits plan.

Q: How does Pillcheck work in disability?

Pillcheck may be available to a person on a disability claim through his or her disability management provider. Studies have shown that pharmacogenetics can support recovery and the successful return to work.

✔ The disability case manager facilitates the Pillcheck requisition for the claimant, pays for the cost, and sends a copy of the Pillcheck Pharmacist Opinion Letter to the claimant’s physician.

✔ Pillcheck results are provided as additional insights to support a physician’s prescribing decisions. It is between the patient and the physician’s professional judgment how best to apply this information in the overall context of a patient’s medical conditions and history, and other medical data available.

✔ Pillcheck results have no impact on drug or disability insurance claims.

✔ Participation is purely voluntary and subject to the claimant’s informed consent.

✔ The case manager has access to the Pharmacist Opinion Letter summary and has no access to the claimant’s detailed genetic results. Data access is explained in the informed consent form.

The person on disability can contact his or her case manager to find out about eligibility for Pillcheck coverage.

Start optimizing your medications now.