See what you get with Pillcheck

Advanced DNA analysis

After completing Pillcheck’s DNA test, you get a personalized, interactive report showing your predicted drug response to most commonly prescribed medications. Share your results with your doctor when discussing treatment options.

The Pillcheck test has enhanced sensitivity for accurate results in ethnically diverse populations.

Your report is updated for free every year as new evidence for existing medications and information on new ones becomes available.

Find out which drugs are in the report!

Expert pharmacist review

The Pillcheck service includes a one-time review of your medications by a clinical pharmacist specially trained in pharmacogenetics – the science that Pillcheck is based on.

The pharmacist provides personalized recommendations summarized in a letter to share and discuss with your doctor.

Pillcheck protects your privacy

Pillcheck promises to keep your personal and genetic information confidential.

Here’s what we do:

  • Destroy your genetic sample after your report is complete
  • Ensure your genetic data is not linked to your personal information in our system
  • Allow you to decide who you share your results with
  • Follow Canadian, U.S., and international health information privacy and security guidelines
  • Samples processed, and all data stored in Canada
  • Your personal health and genetic data is never shared with your employer, insurer, or benefits plan







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