Precision medicine

that's patient-focused and provider-friendly

Precision medicine

that's patient-focused and provider-friendly

Utility of DNA-guided prescribing

Over 99% of people have genetic variations that impact how they respond to medications. Decisions about which treatments to prescribe can be guided or informed by insights from a patient’s DNA. The Pillcheck pharmacogenetic service combines a genetic test and expert pharmacist review to help you personalize treatment for your patients, reducing the lengthy process of trial and error and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.

Health systems and professional societies across Canada, the USA and the EU support the clinical use of DNA-guided prescribing with assistance from experts trained in pharmacogenetics. Read the BC Ministry of Health Guidance for Providers on Pharmacogenomics Testing.

How does pharmacogenetics help?

Pharmacogenetics (also referred to as pharmacogenomics or PGx) testing provides insights about each patient’s predicted response to various medications, enabling you to narrow the potential treatments to those most likely to be safe, tolerable, and effective for the individual.

Pillcheck offers insights into a patient’s metabolic profile and enhances treatment decisions for many health issues.

Benefits of Pillcheck


Evidence-based, safer prescribing for many health conditions

Pillcheck recommendations are based on PGx prescribing guidelines by the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and drug warning labels from regulatory bodies (see the complete list). Recommendations apply to various areas, including psychiatry, cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, neurology, pain management, rheumatology, transplant, and urology.


State-of-the-art pharmacogenetic test optimized for multiethnic populations

The Pillcheck panel of genetic markers is optimized for the ethnically diverse population in North America. It includes the Tier 1 and Tier 2 alleles affecting drug metabolism, transport and response, which are recommended by the American Association for Molecular Pathology. Genetic testing is performed in Canada by an accredited laboratory. See the biomarkers tested.


Expert assistance with applying pharmacogenetic insights

Pillcheck includes a medication review by a clinical pharmacist who provides therapy recommendations based on your patient’s prior medication experience, predicted drug metabolism and response, and concomitant medications. See a sample Pharmacist Opinion Letter.


Electronic access to vital insights for safer prescribing

As the referring healthcare provider, you access the interactive results viewer via the secure Pillcheck Portal. Pillcheck regularly updates each client’s report according to new guidelines and expanded drug labels. The pharmacist’s medication review is dated, signed by the licensed pharmacist, and can be downloaded as a PDF to be attached to the patient’s record. See a demo.

How much does Pillcheck cost?

Pillcheck is available for online purchase and costs $599 + tax (CAD). It is an eligible medical expense and preferred pricing may be available through benefits or healthcare providers.

How to refer patients


  1. Complete the patient requisition form and fax it to 1-416-352-1890 or email it to [email protected].
  2. If you provide your email address on the requisition form, you’ll get a notification to access the interactive results when they are available online. The pharmacist’s letter can also be faxed upon request.


  1. Patients can learn more at and will receive an email with ordering instructions after Pillcheck receives their requisition form.
  2. Once the patient places their order, a cheek swab sample collection kit is sent to the patient’s address to be returned to the lab in a prepaid envelope.
  3. The patient fills out a Medical Profile in their secure Pillcheck account. Patient-reported medication experience and PGx profile will be reviewed by one of Pillcheck’s expert pharmacist. Results are completed within 1-2 weeks of the sample arriving at the lab.

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