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Pillcheck: evidence-based prescribing for you and your patients

Based on the science of Pharmacogenetics (PGx), Pillcheck helps support a safe and effective match of prescription drugs for the unique genetic profile of each patient. We only include medications in our panel that have established guidelines provided by regulatory and clinical bodies, such as Health Canada, the FDA, and CPIC. As new information becomes available we update reports, providing lifetime value for your patients.

Our digital platform makes precision medicine available for patients and physicians no matter the location or setting. There’s no special software required for practice use and our platform is PIPEDA and HIPAA-compliant. The Pillcheck service is also compliant with genetic non-discrimination legislation, such as Bill S-201 in Canada.

Our guide to the practical considerations around PGx tests and decision support tools for clinicians was recently published in the Genomic Medicine, a Nature Research journal.

Pillcheck predicts an individual’s response to most commonly prescribed drugs in key treatment areas.

The impact of PGx is already well-accepted in many clinical settings. The benefits of Pillcheck include:

Drug Side Effects

Insight for you and your patients through the assessment of drug side effect risks, good for the patient’s lifetime.

Benefit of Medication Treatment

Patients achieve the full benefit of medication treatment sooner by avoiding medications that are likely to be ineffective.

Expert Review

Pillcheck includes an expert review by a clinical pharmacist to facilitate the coordination of care.

Personalized Results

Our genetic test is optimized to ensure a high level of sensitivity across various ethnicities, key to creating accurate results.


Recommendations help decrease the time spent managing refractory patients.

Physician and Patient Dialogue

Supports physician and patient dialogue on individualized treatment plans and adherence.

Pillcheck in practice: seamless and simple for you and your patients

The Pillcheck platform is unique: It securely connects physicians, patients, and pharmacists while supporting information sharing based on patient consent.

Private plans are embracing Pillcheck as a paid benefit and as an integral part of proactive health, absenteeism and disability management because it helps patients and their physicians understand why previous treatments may have failed. Plus it’s an innovative benefit that unlocks a lifetime of value with patient results that are updated with the latest information.

Many plans require a requisition form to be submitted for plan member coverage. You can download a form here.

What do doctors and patients say about Pillcheck?

“My patient had a heart attack and was discharged from the hospital on the usual medications – aspirin, betablockers, and statins plus several others. He was fatigued and depressed and literally unable to get out of bed so I had him complete the Pillcheck test which indicated he was a poor metabolizer of the betablocker. His cardiologist immediately switched him to another class of heart drug and his symptoms improved completely within a month!”

Dr. Anna Sylwestrowicz, Victoria BC

What do doctors and patients say about Pillcheck?

“When my son was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, we were nervous about putting him on medication. The psychiatrist used my son’s Pillcheck to choose an antidepressant that was a good fit for his genetic profile. It was reassuring to know that my son has a low risk of side effects to his prescription and so he was willing to give it a try. It’s been several months now and he is feeling so much better.”

-Pillcheck Customer

What are the risks and regulatory considerations if I bring Pillcheck to my practice?

What can your patients expect?

In a recently published study involving 100 patients, 75% of prescriptions changed with insight from Pillcheck results. We typically see 50% or more of patients receiving immediately actionable recommendations.

The full text of the study is available here.

Switch Drug
Increase Monitoring
Adjust Dosage
Discontinue Drug

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