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By getting a prescription tailored to my genetic make-up, I no longer experience adverse side effects and my life has changed so much.

What is Pillcheck?

Personalized prescribing is helping to change lives. Pillcheck will help you discover insights about your medications based on just a few genes for drug metabolism…

Understand your body

Better health begins with understanding how your body processes medications, and finding out which medications may cause adverse side effects and which ones are best suited for you. Pillcheck includes a drug response test and a medication review completed by a pharmacogenetics (PGx)-trained pharmacist.

Understand your dosage

Optimizing your medication means getting the right dosage to suit your unique make-up – not enough medication could have little effect and too much medication could cause adverse side effects.

Receive your report

By better understanding your drug metabolism, you can provide your healthcare practitioner with insights to help make evidence-based decisions about the right choice of medications.

74+ medications, with recommendations from 5 global drug authorities

Pillcheck gives you and your healthcare practitioner key information needed to optimize your prescriptions, and covers the most commonly prescribed drugs for cardiology, mental health and pain management. We follow recommendations from the FDA, EMA, Health Canada, CPIC, and the DPWG.

PGx-trained pharmacist reviews your report

No other product on the market offers a review from pharmaceutical professionals – Pillcheck does. You’ll receive a letter from a PGx-trained pharmacist that supports your treatment optimization.

Facilitated communication with your doctor

By providing a professional opinion from a PGx-trained pharmacist, Pillcheck truly empowers individualized prescribing by giving your physician the clear evidence necessary to make the right medication choices for you.

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The psychiatrist was very open to learning from the report. Her take was that it is better than guessing or going on past experience with others.

How It works

Improve your health by optimizing your medications in 3 steps

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1. Order your Pillcheck kit

If you are taking medication supported by Pillcheck, all you need to do is order your Pillcheck kit to get started. Even if you are not, Pillcheck will give you valuable insights for the future.


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2. Submit your sample

When you receive your kit, collect your sample with the simple, painless cheek swab and send it back. To enable the personalized pharmacist review, please provide information about your medications. We’ll take care of the rest.

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3. Receive your report

You’ll receive your Pillcheck report and an opinion letter from a PGx-trained pharmacist that you may share with your physician to optimize your medications.

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The information provided…is extremely valuable. Based on the findings and recommendations, I will be scheduling an appointment with my family physician.


We’re sure you’ll have a question or two…

Q: What is Pillcheck?

A: Variations in your DNA determine the way you process medications – whether you will benefit from taking a medication, or if it may potentially cause negative side effects. Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is the study of inherited genetic make up that affects your response to medications. Pillcheck identifies these variations to assess whether a medication is likely to be effective and provides optimal dosage recommendations. Your Report will list your predicted drug response to all Pillcheck-covered medications.

Q: Should I continue my medications while waiting for my test results?

A: You should continue taking your medications as prescribed, unless you are experiencing adverse side effects.

Q: Which medications does Pillcheck cover?

A: The test covers over 74 drugs for which genetic testing is recommended by the US FDA, EMA, Health Canada, CPIC and DPWG — commonly prescribed medications in several treatment areas: cardiology, mental health and pain management. See a full list of medications here.

Q: How can I ensure that my test results are safe?  I do not want them released to anyone without my permission.

A: You have ownership over your Pillcheck test results. We cannot share your personal data without your prior Authorization as per our Informed Consent Form. With online tools, you can designate who has access to your report, and you can revoke access at any time, or request the deletion of your information. Should you wish to remove all records of your data, we will comply with your request.

Q: Why should a PGx-trained pharmacist review my Pillcheck report?

A: To get the most out of Pillcheck, we recommend that a PGx-trained pharmacist review your Report, and if necessary, write a Pharmaceutical Opinion Letter for your prescribing doctor. To facilitate this process, please provide us with a list of your medications. You may also share your Report with a pharmacist of your choice.

Q: How does the process work?

A: The test is easy and painless. The collection kit consists of a swab, which looks like an oversized Q-tip, that you rub firmly against the inner surfaces of both cheeks to collect a sample of buccal (cheek) cells. Note that DNA obtained from cheek cells is just as viable as DNA from a blood sample. You only need to ensure that you do not eat, drink or smoke for at least an hour before collecting the sample. When your Report is ready, you will receive a link to our secure website portal, where you can download it. You can share it with healthcare practitioners of your choice.

Q: What if the results show that I have a high risk for cancer?

A: Pillcheck analyzes only the specific genes involved in drug metabolism, and does NOT assess your risk for disease.

Q: Why do I need to sign an Informed Consent form?

A: Pillcheck analyzes specific genes involved in drug metabolism — only a very small part of your DNA. Informed Consent is required for all tests that involve DNA collection in order to ensure that you understand the procedure and its limitations. It allows you to indicate who may have access to your Report and to specify whether your anonymous genetic and clinical data may be used for research.

Q: Why is Pillcheck not covered by my provincial health plan?

A: Drug response testing is not covered by provincial health plans because it is new to the market, and reimbursement will be determined once the demand for these services is assessed. If you have private coverage, the test can be reimbursed through your Health Spending Account (HSA).

Q: How much does Pillcheck cost?

The Pillcheck Medication Optimization Service costs $500 plus tax. Check with your employer to see if it is a covered benefit in your plan. Pillcheck is a permitted Health Spending Account claim and is also an eligible expense for income tax deduction.

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Very valuable - may help me with side effects by adjusting the dose schedule or substituting [medications], as some pills are not working…

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