Discover Your Unique Response to Medications - Unlock What Matters Most with Genetics

Pillcheck can help you & your doctor find the best medications so you Feel Better Sooner.

Discover Your Unique Response To Medications - Unlock What Matters Most With Genetics

Pillcheck can help you & your doctor find the best medications so you Feel Better Sooner.

Why Pillcheck?

Your Medications Tailored to Your DNA

DNA Analysis predicts how you will respond to the most commonly prescribed medications.

Personalized Action Plan

A Pillcheck expert clinical pharmacist provides a letter to share with your healthcare providers, suggesting an optimal treatment path based on your symptoms and your DNA.

A Lifetime of the Right Medications

A Pillcheck analysis is good for your lifetime and is updated annually with new information and medications.

Control of Your Information & Privacy

Pillcheck protects your privacy and puts you in control of your personalized results.

Want to know why your medications aren’t working?

In an independent study, 78% of prescriptions were changed with insight from Pillcheck results.

Switch Drug
Increase Monitoring
Adjust Dosage
Discontinue Drug

Pillcheck is the only pharmacogenetics provider to have proven through clinical study – that our service helps people with depression and anxiety to Feel Better Sooner.

Learn how Pillcheck can help you and your healthcare provider to choose the right medications for you.


simple steps to a lifetime of the right medications


Order Online

A DNA sample collection kit is sent to you.


Submit Sample

Swab saliva from your cheek and send it back in the pre-paid envelope.


Access Results

Your confidential results will be available online 1-2 weeks from when we receive your sample.


Share Results

Take your results to your doctor to adjust your medications.

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