Setting the standard in pharmacogenetics technology

Setting the standard in pharmacogenetics technology

The Pillcheck platform automates the analysis of genetic data. It includes an auditable gateway for managing genetic and drug-reference information. In addition, the secure front-end web application facilitates role-based access for the provision of reliable DNA-guided prescribing.

Clinical diagnostic laboratories in the US, Canada and Europe have independently validated our bioinformatics system. We partner only with certified clinical genetic laboratories.

Trusted by benefits providers and large employers

Pillcheck's proven, genomics-guided medication management service has been chosen by health plans, insurers and employers. Organizations like Canada Life, GE Canada, Blue Cross, Shoppers Drug Mart, Federal agencies and many others trust us because Pillcheck:

  • Is SOC2, Type II certified for security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy compliance -- Providing secure data management and protecting member privacy.
  • Creates custom, ROI-focused programs with sponsor-defined eligibility to maximize impact for health plans.
  • Tracks the progress and impact of personalized medicine through analytics and benchmarking.
  • Provides evidence-based medication management for ethnically diverse groups, aligning with the DEI initiatives of our business clients.
World class laboratory, superior DNA testing technology

Pillcheck samples are processed at the Dynacare lab in Laval, Quebec, according to Pillcheck specifications. The lab has the following accreditations:

  • ISO 15189 International accreditation for Medical laboratories
  • COLA medical lab accreditation demonstrating compliance with CLIA requirements (US federal regulations governing the operation of medical laboratories)
Pharmacogenomic SaaS solutions

Our software platform powering the Pillcheck service is available to license to labs, healthcare organizations and referral partners.

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