Supplements for depression and anxiety: Are they safe and effective?

Many people are concerned about the safety of antidepressants and are looking for natural alternatives. Although there are several natural products such as St. John’s Wort, S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e), Rhodiola rosea, and omega-3 which have been shown to have mood stabilizing effects, supplements cannot substitute medications for people with [...]


Which antidepressants will work best for your post partum depression?

Becoming a mother is a time of immense happiness for most women. But new mothers also experience frustration, worry, disappointment and guilt. Postpartum “baby blues” are common and typically start days after birth and last up to two weeks. Symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, tearfulness, and trouble sleeping. Sometimes [...]


Pharmacogenetic testing for guiding prescription of biologic medications? Myths vs reality

The escalating cost of biologic medications has private and public plan sponsors concerned. Many are turning to new technologies to stratify patient populations with the aim of reducing the total cost of biologics. Some providers are considering pharmacogenetic tests to guide selection of drug therapy. Others are looking at [...]


Can I use my ancestry genetic test results to get a Pillcheck report?

Ancestry genetic testing is a great introduction to genetics for many people. Direct-to-consumer ancestry tests can predict how much Neanderthal DNA you’ve inherited or that your eyes are blue rather than brown. These tests are entertaining, affordable and have changed the relationship we have with our DNA. Customers who order [...]

medical cannabis

Cannabis – How can private health benefits plan sponsors and insurers make the right coverage decisions for plan members?

The legalization of cannabis poses a challenge for employers and insurers, as they are expected to cover the cost of medical cannabis as a part of their employee health benefits. A recent Deloitte report indicates that 7% of adult Canadian population are daily cannabis users, of which 29% are [...]