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Pillcheck PGx launches new program for benefits advisors on the heels of positive study results in the mental health area

The new program builds on the successful introduction of Pillcheck pharmacogenetics by many insurers seeking to impact the frequency and duration of Short-Term and Long-Term disability claims. Now the same rigorously evaluated, secure service is available to plans and benefit advisors on a subscription basis or as a private purchase at a discount.

Pillcheck, brought to you by GeneYouIn, combines DNA analysis with an online medication review by expert pharmacists. Recently announced results from an independent study using Pillcheck confirmed impact of this specific approach to tailoring drug treatments with PGx for people struggling with mental health.

Dr. Ruslan Dorfman, founder and CSO, commented: “The pharmacist communicated recommended changes to the prescriber in both arms of the study. Prescribers were able to accept, decline, or disregard these recommendations.  Patient-reported outcomes were assessed at Month 0, 1, 3, and 6. The study revealed that the outcomes for depression, anxiety and disability were almost two times greater in the Pillcheck group compared with the control group.”

The study outcomes validate that Pillcheck pharmacogenomic programs, supported by clinical pharmacists, contribute to improving health for individuals dealing with a wide range of health conditions.

“Studies that approximate treatment as it occurs in the real-world are crucial to making decisions about which digital products are worth investing in to support plan members and their families as well as assist in decreasing drug claims costs for plan sponsors. It is time to integrate advanced and more personalized services into the benefit plan design”, said Gil McGowan, an advisor with over 35 years’ experience in the industry’s complex system of insurance carriers, benefits brokers, agents and related stakeholders.

Pillcheck is a medication passport for life. Since our DNA doesn’t change, your Pillcheck is valid for life, and we update each report for new medications as guidelines expand.

We all want transparency and easy access to critical information about our health and benefits coverage, especially in these times of COVID-19. But legacy data silos and proprietary connectivity walls have held back innovative solutions to deliver on these expectations. That’s all changing now.

GeneYouIn has built customizable enrollment connectivity to support advisors and brokers working in the sector where standards are elusive, and terminology differs between carriers.

Contact: to find out more. Pillcheck service is eligible for reimbursement through Health Care Spending Accounts and may qualify for coverage through management of a disability claim.

About GeneYouIn and the Pillcheck Service

GeneYouIn brings precision medicine to public and private health plans globally. It has commercialized PillcheckTM, a genomics-guided personalized medication management service that predicts how medications work for individuals, limiting potential side effects and helping people feel better sooner. Pillcheck’s proprietary platform connects healthcare providers and consumers while reducing exposure to unnecessary costs for payers.

Visit to learn more about Pillcheck.

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